Happy Client

I have actually been a client at a few acupuncture practices in Chapel Hill, and I really believe in the principles of acupuncture, but have not had excellent results until now.

Debbie Grimes practices in a way that I have never experienced before. She obviously has deep respect for all of her patients, and I actually first went to see her several months ago for the extreme nausea associated with my pregnancy. This was actually my first pregnancy where the nausea stopped before the birth of my child (about 3 weeks after I started acupuncture with Debbie).

I wanted to post about her, not because of that (although it was great!), but because I took my two children to her for allergies and mucous drainage that went on and on and on. After Debbie treated them, their symptoms improved dramatically. But, the really big thing was that my little boy (3) immediately started pooping in the potty! I am still stunned over it! He had been holding it in, and had a blockage that Debbie cleared.

Both boys reported feeling much better overall, and I am just over the moon! Thank you, Debbie!

—J.V.S, Pittsboro, mom of four


I was suffering terribly with anxiety. I had a racing heart, sweaty palms, night terrors…I felt like a wreck. Debbie really helped me to feel better and I am glad to recommend her to others.

—F.S., MFCC, Chapel Hill , NC

Back Pain

My back has been a problem on and off since I ruptured a disk in 1994. This weekend it “went out” on me and I was pretty much immobilized by back spasms and a great deal of pain. In addition to the physical discomfort, I had several important business appointments coming up and I was worried about my ability to keep them. Having heard glowing reports from a few of my friends, I decided to try an acupuncture session with Debbie. It lasted about an hour and, somewhat to my surprise, the acupuncture needles did not hurt at all. The important thing was that, three hours later, my back felt almost 100% fine!! I had no pain and almost no stiffness at all. I have never before received this kind of immediate relief from back spasms. Not with medication, not with massage, not with anything!

—JDL, Pittsboro, NC

Digestive Problems

I went to see Debbie with an open mind but not necessarily expecting her to do much for my digestive problems. And now I am thrilled that I am able to obtain wonderful benefits. I feel much less discomfort now. I even notice the effects during the session, leading me to an overall sense of wellbeing. I also like that I don’t have to take medications for issues that can be resolved naturally.

—O.V., Marketing Manager, Chapel Hill, NC

Immune Function

As a kindergarten teacher I struggle every year not to pick up colds from the children. A few years ago I had a series of treatments before the cold and flu season to build up my immunity. It worked! I also had a treatment after surgery that was incredible. My energy level improved dramatically and my surgery site felt a million times less vulnerable. I tell all my fellow teachers about Debbie.

—F.P., Teacher, Chapel Hill, NC

I had been through 3 insemination and 2 IVF treatments and spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to get pregnant. After just three months of weekly treatments, I got pregnant and now our daughter is the joy of my life! We were blessed to find Debbie and are eternally grateful to her for her help.

—S.C., Restaurant Owner, East Hampton, NY

Knee Pain

I’m in the pool-building business and after I got injured playing ice hockey one winter, I thought I might have to give up my business. I couldn’t get in and out of the pools because my knees hurt so much. I suffered for two years before I went to Debbie. Within a month my knees were back to normal! The pain was gone. I can’t recommend her enough.

—G.M., Business Owner, Bridgehampton, NY


With Debbie Grimes I know I am in good hands, so I can relax. She is intelligent and well-educated in all aspects of Chinese medicine, but above all she has a soothing presence and is dedicated to making her patients feel better. Having a treatment with Debbie is a pleasure and my migraines and TMJ are now a thing of the past! She listens and asks a lot of questions. Equally importantly, she also understands very well that sometimes you need both Western medicine and acupuncture working together. I have sent several of my friends to Debbie.

—C.G., Writer, East Hampton, NY


I was under a lot of stress and feeling depleted and felt exhausted. I experienced the treatments as relaxing. The insertion of the needles is a non-event with Debbie, also she told me in advance what she was going to do. I noticed immediate improvement and was surprised how well I slept after each treatment! I like receiving an intervention that is effective without negative side effects. Based on her manner, her fund of knowledge, and the results I receive, Debbie Grimes is a skilled and knowledgeable acupuncture practitioner. I live on the West Coast and I consult with her whenever I come East for a visit.

—C.K., Psychologist, San Francisco, CA