What to Expect

Your first appointment at Acupuncture HealthWorks will include a detailed medical history, interview and health assessment and you will receive your initial acupuncture treatment. This visit generally lasts 1½ hours. No special clothing is required because a gown will be provided; however I do recommend that you eat something two, or at most three, hours prior to a treatment. The treatment is tailored to your individual symptom presentation with the goal of eliciting a positive outcome.

It is my intention to help you to feel better RIGHT NOW by effectively treating your condition with a very gentle touch.

Subsequent acupuncture treatments also include a brief consultation period in which you will provide a symptom up-date and any comments or observations since the previous treatment. These follow-up treatments usually last 45-60 minutes. Patients report feeling little or no discomfort during the treatment and look forward to the deep sense of peace and well-being they take away with them afterwards.

How Often Do I Come For Treatments?

pt-exam-1The number of visits you will need to reach your goal depends not only on the severity and duration of your condition, but on how your own body responds to acupuncture.  While you can expect to feel significant relief after only a few treatments, everyone’s body is different.  One guideline is that you need roughly 5-8 treatments to ascertain exactly how your own body responds to the treatments.

Because the results of acupuncture are thought to be cumulative, it is extremely important to be consistent with treatment. When dealing with pain or any acute problem getting treated twice a week for the first two weeks is recommended to interrupt the negative cycle and to establish a healthier balance point. A short initial period of frequent treatments will also help you establish a foundation which can then be maintained and augmented by weekly and, eventually, monthly or even quarterly appointments.


pt-window-1Making the commitment to get regular acupuncture treatments is the best predictor of success. Consistency with your treatment plan will result in more profound and enduring results. it is more cost -effective to be compliant, because by building on the foundation set in prior treatments you won’t have to start from scratch to enjoy the desired benefit! Once you achieve your goal, a tune-up visit is recommended at least every 1-3 months to maintain your restored balance point.